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Submit Your Video For The Chance to Win!

There is always a way
for a dental hygienist to make
a patient's life better.

Submit up to a 90-second video
telling us how you go above
and beyond as a dental hygienist
for the chance to win the
2023 Heart to Hands award!


Submission Deadline


The 7th Annual Philips Heart to Hands Awards is a celebration of the personal stories from dental hygienists about why they have such passion for their careers.  Every dental hygienist has a memorable, poignant, or endearing story about a patient they’ve treated, a student they’ve met, or a personal experience they’ve had in the profession.  Is there a patient whose dental or overall health you’ve greatly impacted?  What happened in your life that made you fall in love with dental hygiene?  Have you had an amazing experience with public health or mission work?  We’re not looking for a polished video; we’re just looking for a message from your heart.  Tell us your story in a quick video and share your love of this profession!  We’re excited to hear from you!

3 Winners Will Receive

RDH Feature Issue

Group cover photo and feature article
in the May 2023 issue of RDH magazine.

Travel Accommodations

Air travel and 2 nights' accommodation to Nashville, TN for the  RDH Under One Roof Conference in July 20-22, 2023.

Commemorative Reception

An evening reception at the RDH
Under One Roof Conference to
honor 3 winners and celebrate
their passion for dental hygiene.

Free Tuition

Free tuition to RDH Under One Roof  Conference in Nashville, TN

July 20-22, 2023

Submit Your Video


Record up to a
90-second video

(phone & laptop videos work well!)

Upload your video to YouTube; directions


Complete the form
below, include your
video embed code
and submit!


For United States and Canada.

Submission FORM

Make sure your video is set to public. CLICK HERE for more information.

By submitting your personal information, you agree that Endeavor Business Media and Philips may contact you via email or phone with information relevant to the dental industry and that you have read and agree to the privacy policy & terms and conditions.


We look forward to reviewing your submission.

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